Welcome to the most neglected site on the Web! Ours is a simple mission, but one which we take very seriously. In fact, we take so much pride in our boundless capacity for neglect, we have created a pledge to you, the Internet traveler:

"Under no circumstances, nor at any time soon or in the distant future, will this site be updated. Never. It will never be purged of outdated or erroneous information, and this includes glaring misspellings or broken links. No part of our site will ever contain 'the latest news' about anything. Not even this pledge will be updated. We cross our hearts and hope to die."

Why have we adopted this mission, you ask?

Well, frankly, in life there are very few things you can rely on. Change is a constant in the universe. So, that being the case, we felt it important for you to have a place where you could go to find exactly what you expect to find--the same exact thing, each and every day. No fancy databases or stock tickers, no bells and whistles. Just neglect on a profound scale.

So, bookmark this page. (Use Ctrl+D. If this key combination ever changes, rest assured we will not inform you in a timely way.) Visit this site often. No, not for updates. But rather, for a sense of safety and familiarity.

Webmasters, we would love to be able to link to your sites, but unfortunately we can't. We'd also love to post feedback on the site. But we won't. Now you get the picture.