Disclaimer of the Day
(Last Updated: Never)

Here at the Most Neglected Site on the Web (MNSW) we have done everything in our power to assure this site will never, ever be updated. Were we to do so, we would run the risk of no longer being able to call our site the Most Neglected Site on the Web (MNSW), in which case we would have to find a new acronym, and all the good ones are already taken.

Of course, due to the nature of the universe, it would be irresponsible to absolutely guarantee the site will never be updated. (After all, there are no absolutes.)

So, while we'd rather drag our collective testicles through broken glass than update this site, certain unforeseen circumstances may demand that an update be done. Please be aware that the following reasons for updating the site will not, we repeat (in all caps) NOT, constitute a nullification of our claim to being the Most Neglected Site on the Web:

  Somebody may have a copyright to one of the images on this site that we stole. We might have to replace it with another image (that we will also probably steal).

  Somebody may want to pay us upwards of $100,000 to put an ad on our site. We would not so much consider that an "update" as we would "a wholly unrealistic scenario."

  Love sometimes makes people do strange things.

  In case of the collapse of civilization, we may have to update the site accordingly. (We will probably update it to read "CIVILIZATION HAS COLLAPSED.")

But other than that, there's no way in hell we're updating this site. Consider yourself disclaimed.